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Hopefully the name of this blog speaks for itself. I envision it being one of humor, exhortation, random musings, theological discussion, sports, and things that impact my life and could bless yours. Sometimes it might be a verse or a funny story, a sports score that has me up in arms or a profound truth that has hit me. I pray you find your visit here blessing your heart.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Women in Christian Media

Hey Y'all!

Wanted to blog a little bit about this organization/network that I am newly a part of. It is called Women in Christian Media and was established in 2001 by Suellen Roberts who is out of the Dallas area. There are 4 regional areas: Dallas, Nashville, Chicago, and Costa Mesa California. This group is a collection of women who are actively involved in all kinds of media outlets from radio, TV, publishing, music and web based businesses.

"Women in Christian Media™ is a fellowship dedicated to connecting women working in Christian media in purpose and vision. We provide a framework for networking, opportunities for professional and personal development and work toward advancing Christian media - and the women in it."

This group's theme verse or Scripture is Esther 4:14 which says,

"Who knows but that you have come to this position
for such a time as this."

If you know me at all, you know that Esther 4:14 has been somewhat of a life verse for me and one that I find myself quoting very often. The circumstances of me getting connected with this group has been so random and out of the blue, it has made me sit up and take notice that God IS at work. I am serving on the Task force for the Southeast Area based primarily in Nashville and we have our first meeting tomorrow night since I have been a part of this great group of women. I am excited to see what the Lord will do with a network of women who love Him and are focused on serving Him through media means.

Please pray that the Lord will connect those that need to be connected and through all the personalities and ministries that will be represented tomorrow night, that God Almighty will be the main event and focus of the evening. Without Him, we are nothing.

Check back for details. If you are interested in contacting me about this group whether it be doctrinal statements, mission statement, membership, events/activities.... please write a comment here under this post or contact me through my website: www.christiharper.com

Would love to talk to you about it!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

How can I possibly tell everyone adequately how much I truly appreciate all the support and help and love that I have received over the last several weeks all leading up to this past Friday night? The Lord showed up in a MIGHTY way and He had HIS way with the CD release party. Praise the Lord as that is exactly what we prayed for that evening. As I mentioned in my last post, I have the greatest prayer teams ever and I know there are people who definitely prayed for me by name whose names were not on that list. I have lost count exactly how many people have either called me, emailed me or texted me that they were praying on an ongoing basis as well as those who prayed specifically on Friday night. What a blessing you all are to me!

Let me first say that I can attest to the fact that when God is at work, the enemy is fighting mad and trying to detract and distract all of our hearts and minds from the whole purpose of the work. I struggled with discipline of the mind all week that I was home and even the night before, trying to bring all thoughts under my will and making them obedient to Christ was difficult. The familiarity of home and the well wishes of so many people in the community as well as the millions of little details that needed to be completed all made it a moment by moment process to make sure and stay focused on the main purpose we were all working for. There were "bumps" the entire week that really kept us on our toes and really should have kept us on our knees. God is thankfully, long suffering and slow to anger.

When Friday night actually got here, the stress for me was high but everything, in my opinion, turned out absolutely beautiful! The team pulled together and really depended on the Lord to make this release party a success and what I joy it was for me to really sit back and watch it come together. Amazing!

We had a pre-reception around 7 PM for some close family and friends that lasted for about 45-50 minutes and then the public was welcomed in around 8 PM. We had approximately 200+ people there who all came in and got seated before Tim McDermott, the general manager of KSBJ 89.3 Christian Radio Station, came up to begin MC duties. The night was opened in prayer by an old pastor/ministry leader and friend of mine, Fred Dallas. I love His heart for the Lord. Then Tim came and began hosting giveaways which was a big hit. He introduced me and I began the music part of the evening with "Everlasting God" followed by "Made Me Glad" and a pseudo-spontaneous verse of "My Jesus, I Love Thee" with the piano.

One of my biggest blessings of the entire event was the fact that my dear friend, Jim Hammerly, formerly of Brooklyn Tabernacle and Christ Church in Nashville, was able to fly down and play for the evening. What an honor for each of us and especially for me! I felt so relaxed on stage and knew that since Jim was there, the music and all those things pertaining to music would be taken care of. He was such a blessing!

Tim McDermott was able to take the stage and actually conduct an interview with me following a congregational sing along of "My Jesus, I Love Thee." He was totally at ease and made me feel so relaxed as well. He was funny and engaging and the consummate professional. Yet another blessing the Lord so clearly worked out. I was asked no less than 8 times how in the world I got Tim McDermott to MC this event...

God worked it out. Pretty plain and simple to me.

I sang "There is No Chain" and then closed with "Work of Art" which is one the dearest songs to me. It is one of those songs that I so wish I had written because it says so much of what I pray for in my life. It ministers to me when I sing it and hopefully people can see that.

There were people there who showed up from as far as central Louisiana and Nashville and many people I had not seen in many years. For those who travelled long distances and those who took time out of your busy schedules to come support me, "Thank You" is not strong enough. You were there for the culmination of a dream I have had for 30ish years and I am so glad that you all got to share that moment with me.

TO God be the glory, great things He hath done!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prayer Team

I have got the most amazing prayer team that is holding me up in prayer over this month! It has seriously been like a breath of fresh air that has blown peace across my life. I am SOOOO busy and not feeling well, but through it all, I am so grateful for the group of people who have volunteered to pray for me and for the path that I am starting on. They are not doing it to get their names in lights but because they love me and I love them all so much. I cannot express how important prayer is to me in my life and yet so difficult to carve out the time to do so. That is why these people are such a blessing to me. They are willing to sacrifice something that they need to be doing and have committed to pray for me for this month, some of them all month long. I want to give them a mention here....

Brenda Mathews
Mauri Cato
Meredith Graham
Leah Olson
Angie and Bobby Edmonds
Alicen Herrin

Jane Pistole
Elaine and David Atchison

Marilyn and James Appleby
Sharon Earhart
Todd and Stacy Gill

Donna Jones
Mandy Stenberg

Pam Wiggins
Amy Miller
Sarah Samuel

Lisa Popham
Elysia Mosteller

Saralu Lunn
Carolyn and Henry Harper
Heather Sieber

Dorothy and Henry Harper Sr.
Rosslyn Harris

Reagan and Trey Harper

I am so grateful for these people and appreciate the time and effort it takes to pray for me. May the Lord bless you all with peace that passes all understanding and joy overflowing!

Thank you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Website is Launched!!

Please come by to visit and see what is up and going on with the new events the Lord has allowed me to be involved with! So excited for this day to finally be here! I am ready to move in the way that He has me to move and I look forward to what that looks like.